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When considering must-do maintenance procedures for your paved surface there are few things more important than sealing cracks.Water and other non-compressible substances can enter cracks, wreaking havoc on the structural integrity of the surface. Water can freeze and expand and sand and dirt can act as a wedge to break apart reinforced concrete and asphalt surfaces. A simple lack of maintaining these cracks before they become larger problems can save significant costs over the life of your pavement.

What can be fixed with Crack Seal?

Crack seal solutions can typically be used on a variety of early stage surface cracks.

  • Longitudinal cracks run parallel to the pavement’s centerline or laydown direction
  • Transverse cracks run perpendicular to the pavement’s centerline or laydown direction
  • Reflection cracks can be found in a flexible overlay over an existing crack or joint
  • Block cracks are cracks that divide the pavement up into rectangular pieces

What is Crack Seal made of?
Crack seal is composed of Heated Liquid Asphalt, the dark brown or black, viscous, petroleum based fluid used as the sticky binder in Hot Mix Asphalt surfaces.

When Should Crack Seal be Applied?
Cracks should be sealed as soon as it appears. The longer untreated cracks have been in a paved surface the more potential you have for problems. If water, sand or other materials have been allowed to fill or pass through surface cracks, there may be more sever problems with the sub base or even the top surface.

Pavement Constructors can help you be providing professional crack sealing done right. With 35+ years providing paving and maintenance services to the Greater Houston Area, you can trust we will do the job right the first time.

Give us a call at 281-445-9900 or contact us today to get started on your no-cost crack seal estimate or paving project.

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