Weather vs Pavement

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In recent weeks Houston has seen enough rain and flood waters to make up for the last few years of drought and heat. When we have such extreme variations in our weather patterns it can test the quality and longevity of anything made to withstand nature’s fury. This includes testing the quality of your paved surfaces.

Weather vs Pavement
The wide variation in temperatures can cause paved asphalt and concrete surfaces to expand and contract. During hot weather, surfaces expand, creating cracks and small gaps. When it rains, water will seep in to fill the void. As temperatures drop your paved surface contracts again, but this time, the water that has infiltrated is compressed resulting in larger cracks, breaks and deterioration of the paved surface.

A Firm Foundation
Proper grading and site preparation is tremendously important. It is especially important during times of excessive rain like we’ve had in recent months. During heavy rain a poorly prepared site or foundation can be washed away leaving significant, unsupported gaps under the top layers of asphalt or concrete. Once a foundation is eroded a paved surface can quickly deteriorate, paving the way (pun intended) for large potholes and cracks to allow even more water into and under the surface.

Choosing a Paving Contractor
In areas prone to wide temperature swings or areas prone to heavy rains, like Houston, it’s vitally important to use a paving contractor that has experience dealing with these issues.
You will want a local contractor who:

  • has experienced and provided paving solutions for many seasons.
  • knows the detailed geological composition of Houston’s varied areas from bayou to forest.
  • will take the time to prepare your site to withstand the changing Houston climate.
  • can custom engineer your site for your specific needs from retail to industrial.
  • will consult and provide what you need, not what they want to sell you.

Pavement Constructors has the experience and know-how to provide you with an engineered paving solution to withstand the extremes of Texas’ gulf coast climate. To get the best paved surface for your commercial or industrial needs, click here or Call us today at 281-445-9900.

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