Coal Tar Sealants for Durability and Appearance

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When an asphalt surface is exposed to the sun’s UV rays for a period of time the asphalt binder begins to break down resulting in a surface that is worn and weathered in appearance.

While the appearance of your asphalt surface may not be your first concern, you should consider this the warning that it will soon be time to perform maintenance on your surface.


Asphalt with a weak or old protective sealant is at risk of gas, oil and other chemicals dissolving the binders casing holes, cracks and deterioration. Once cracks and small holes are present water can then penetrate the surface further eroding the binders and ultimately the base beneath the asphalt. Once the base begins to erode, potholes soon follow.

Coal tar sealants consist of polymers, sand, coal tar, and other premium additives that allow it to be easily applied to your asphalt surface. This formulation of materials will give it great pliability, and it will be completely resistant to chemicals, harsh weather elements, UV rays, and other things that could potentially damage your asphalt. Asphalt that is covered with a coal tar sealant will last a lot longer than asphalt that is not covered, or asphalt that is covered with low grade sealants.

The Benefits of Sealant

  • Blocks UV Rays So The Asphalt Doesn’t Break Down
  • Protects Asphalt from Oil or Other Chemicals That Could Seep In
  • Extremely Cost-Effective for the Level of Protection That it Gives
  • Prevents Asphalt From Breaking Down in Extreme Temperatures

Whether you are laying a new asphalt surface or maintaining an existing asphalt surface, application of a coal tar sealant should always be part of the project. This cost-effective treatment will protect your investment and keep your surfaces looking and performing great.

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