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At pavement Constructors, we are proud of our work. We handle large and complex projects that require many moving pieces. The choreography needed to direct heavy machinery, personnel and large trucks moving in and out of a job site is nothing short of amazing.

We are proud of the work and skill of our team and are equally proud of our safety record. The logistics of working in a hazardous environment, like a petrochemical plant, involve a focus on safety procedures and awareness as much as delivering the actual service.

As an active member of the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) we are constantly evaluating and renewing our safety procedures from health and environment training to site-specific trainings for many petrochemical, refining, and manufacturing facilities.

As a matter of protocol, all of our workers have Basic Plus Safety training through HASC and are further trained on the job. In order to assess exposure to hazardous situations, we perform a daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). This allows us to identify harmful situations and provide appropriate solutions to keep our team, our clients and our client’s capital investments safe from injury or damage.

We believe in holding ourselves and our teams to the highest standards. We’re proud of the precautions we take to create a safe work environment and we have reason to be proud. For the past 5 years we can claim zero recordable job site injuries and we certainly want to keep that trend going forward.

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