Preparing a Foundation

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We talk a lot about concrete paving, asphalt paving, pavement repairs and even re-striping your parking lot. All of these are important and valuable topics to discuss. They are especially important when the profitability of your business budget needs to be considered. Before any kind of paving occurs, though, you will needs to have your land prepared.

When paving undeveloped land or demolishing old pavement to start from a fresh grade, some up-front work needs to be done. This civil site work is done to ensure your site is prepared with a well developed and firm foundation.

Your Site is Unique
Every site is unique. Even sites within the same general area will have soil compositions, density and water tables that are unique to your specific plot of land. This is especially important when you are developing on the Texas Gulf Coast where you can have any combination of clay, sand, limestone and dirt.

When considering a paving company in Houston and surrounding areas, take into account the longevity and experience of the companies submitting bids. Pavement Constructors has been serving the Greater Houston Area for more than 40 years. In this time, we’ve had experience preparing sites with nearly any combination of soil, water and ground composition.

Take the Time to Do It Right
Our experience allows us to make sure your foundation is prepared properly the first time, every time. The risks of using a less experienced company is living with a foundation that shifts and buckles over time. This shifting earth can result in your concrete or asphalt pavement cracking, breaking, crumbling and deteriorating much quicker than it should.

When preparing a foundation you want it done right. When done properly, you will save money in the long run, keep your paved surfaces performing well and looking professional and well maintained. At Pavement Constructors it’s our mission to provide you with the right solutions for your site. Call us at 281-445-9900 or contact us today for your free estimate.

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