Asphalt vs Concrete Pt.1

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Which is better? Asphalt or concrete? The debate rages on and unfortunately there is no definitive answer. To determine the answer you will need to consider the following questions: Which one is best for my specific application? Which is initially more affordable?Which will be more cost-effective? Which will last longer? Do I want to replace or rehabilitate in the future?

The overall cost of a project is typically the number one factor that determines a paving material, however, in many industrial and commercial paving projects, the first factor must be application. Moving heavy machinery, long term storage facilities, local temperatures, drainage requirements, longevity and durability must be considered when selecting a pavement solution. After all, eight inches of a paved asphalt surface does not provide the same structural integrity as an eight inch paved concrete solution due to the gravel bed typically used in the asphalt base layer.

When pricing out your paving project you will typically see a distinct difference in the initial price between concrete and asphalt. Concrete paving solutions tend to be more costly, up-front, than asphalt with all factors being equal. You will want to factor in more than just the initial costs when making your paving decision. Considering repairs, longevity of the paving material and long term application will help you get a better grasp of the true cost of your paving project and help make the decision between concrete and asphalt much easier.

We will continue this comparison between concrete and asphalt in a future post where we will look at durability, longevity and what is required to repair a concrete or asphalt paved surface.

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