Land Grading, Soil Composition and Your Paved Surface

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Leveling, smoothing and shaping your ground surface prior to paving is as important to the surface system as the paving itself.Your land must drain well. It must drain in the proper direction. The grading must be completed to approved specifications. If any combination of these variables is off, your entire paving project could have years taken off its expected service life.

Water, especially rain water, that does not properly drain from your land can wash out the underlying substrate of dirt, gravel or other aggregates used between the raw earth and your paved surface. Once the base layer is gone, asphalt and concrete is more susceptible to cracking and breaking resulting in potholes and deteriorated surfaces.

While asphalt can be patched, concrete must be removed and replaced, a costly repair. Even when patching asphalt, the root of the problem is not addressed if the land is not prepared properly as the base layer will continue to wash away beneath the top, paved layer.

Protecting your land from wash out and extending the life of your paved surface can be improved with a knowledge of soil compositions, local weather patterns and understanding the history of the local and surrounding areas. A sandy soil requires a different approach than a clay-heavy soil. Knowing the difference in how excess water performs in these substrates can make the difference in the ultimate performance of a paved area.

For these reason, when choosing a paving company for your industrial or commercial paving project, consider the longevity and experience of the company. Paving Constructor’s roots reach back nearly a century and we have been providing paving services to the Greater Houston and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. We have worked with and know the soil compositions from the Bay area to the open fields that stretch well north and west of town.

With Pavement Constructors you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a well engineered and durable concrete or asphalt paved surface specific to your location and needs. Call today at 218-445-9900 or click here to contact us today for a free estimate.

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