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Asphalt pavement is one of America’s building blocks. It has nearly 3 million miles of paved roads and highways and 93 percent of those are paved with asphalt. Asphalt pavements are easy to maintain, quick to construct, and provide a safe, smooth, quiet ride at an economical price.

Over the last 30 years, asphalt’s versatility has led to its increased use in other applications. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) airport runways are becoming more accepted in the United States, providing airline passengers more quieter, more comfortable takeoffs and landings, dramatically cut back on runway maintenance, and allow for much faster construction time.  Surfaces paved with high-durability asphalt are used increasingly in freight yards, where they stand up to heavy static loads.

HMA is also used worldwide as a practical and economical solution to water storage, flood control, erosion, and conservation problems. Asphalt has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and used as a primary liner for both sanitary and hazardous-waste landfills

Asphalt pavements being built today can be engineered to meet a variety of needs – for less noise, greater durability, enhanced skid resistance, reduced splash and spray in rainy weather, and a smoother ride.

Our years of expertise and experience working with various asphalt mixes enable us to engineer and meet your asphalt paving needs. Give us a call or contact us today to get started on your commercial or industrial asphalt paving project.

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