Porous Asphalt

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With many regulations dictating how storm water and runoff is handled many businesses are turning to a porous asphalt solution for their parking lots and other paved surfaces. This asphalt solution allows water to drain through the pavement and into a stone recharge bed where it can filter through the soil below the pavement. Porous asphalt pavements perform similar to other types of asphalt and can be designed and engineered for your specific needs.

Heavy storms, long rainy seasons and excessive runoff seem like they would be problematic. There may be concerns about the underlying solid base eroding and causing buckling, potholes, cracking and other structural problems. Porous asphalt is built on an open-graded stone bed, often 18 – 36 inches deep, providing for an ample subbase for water to slowly filter through to the soil level. It is also built deep enough to never let water collect to the level of the actual asphalt surface.

Porous asphalt is typically a bit more expensive than conventional construction, but the costs are usually offset by eliminating storm water management systems. These paved surfaces also typically last 20 years or longer with little cracking and few potholes.

While not as common as conventional asphalt, when you need the benefits exceptional drainage combined with an affordable and durable paved surface, porous asphalt fits the bill.

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