Is Your Parking Lot Costing You Business?

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Your parking lot could be saying more about your company than you think. That old adage is true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. As a business owner this first impression begins far from the charming lobby and welcoming smile of the receptionist. It can happen as soon as a client pulls into your parking lot.

Imagine this client drives to your business, pulls in and is greeted with pot holes, cracks, bumps and vague, weather-beaten parking lines. What can he assume about the quality of your work or your attention to the details? This parking lot experience tells him that doing business with you may be a series of holes in the budget, cracks in the quality and vague promises that you may or may not be able to deliver.

Now, imagine this same customer pulls into your lot and the asphalt has been freshly laid. The smoothness of the surface hardly requires little work from the suspension of his luxury sedan. Parking lines are bright and clear. He knows exactly where he needs to go. He’s impressed with the attention to detail. There’s an unspoken assurance that everything will go smooth and your clear direction gives him the confidence that all he needs to do is sit back and let you fulfill his needs.

Can a parking lot really affect your business in such a dramatic fashion? We think the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The next time you are headed to a meeting or simply out shopping, pay attention to the quality of the paved surfaces in front of each location. Consider the unspoken and underlying confidence you feel when gliding over a fresh, smooth surface compared to the uncertainty you feel when bumping and rattling over a pitted, cracked and deteriorating parking lot.

Don’t let your crumbling and faded parking lot cost you business. First impressions last a lifetime and the cost and effort to repair a bad impression can be tremendous. At Pavement Constructors we believe in providing fair and professional paving solutions to help you make that great first impression to help your business grow. Don’t wait for a missed opportunity. Call 281-445-9900 or click here to contact Pavement Constructors today and let us provide a free estimate for your new commercial or industrial asphalt or concrete paving project.

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