Planning and Delivering a Successful Asphalt Project

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Test Your Site
The quality and strength of the existing sub grade soil will be a significant factor in the design and performance of your asphalt project. Soil testing and analysis should be done to determine the best practices for your specific area and purpose of your asphalt paving needs.  Pavement Constructors has been in the Greater Houston Area for more than 35 years and have the experience to determine the detailed geological composition of your property.

Tipping the Scales
Passenger vehicles, like cars, light trucks and SUVs have little effect on the required thickness of your asphalt paving. Commercial trucks and heavy machinery on the other hand need to be taken into account when planning and designing the requirements for your project. Building your paved surface right the first time will save you from extensive repair and maintenance fees in the long run.

Mixing it Up
Asphalt mixtures can be manufactured with different combinations of aggregates, liquid asphalt, and additives and should be designed specifically for the application. The combination of materials that perform well in a commercial asphalt parking lot may be different than those used on a tarmac or a loading zone for heavy equipment. The right mix is paramount to prevent moisture intrusion which is the primary reason for asphalt paving to deteriorate.

Save When You Pave
If you have taken the right steps by having your site tested, by defining your primary paved surface needs, and by using an asphalt mixture suited to you purposes, you can be confident in knowing that your paved asphalt surface will look good, last a long time and serve your needs. When done the right way, asphalt paving will not only be an affordable solution now, it will remain a low-cost solution for years to come.

Contact Pavement Constructors for your next Asphalt project
Give us a call at 281-445-9900 or contact us today and let us show you how we can plan and deliver your next asphalt project. We pride ourselves on our expertise and quality of work and know you will be exceptionally happy with your new asphalt surface.

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