Safety and Utility of Bollards for Your Project

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As one of our services, Pavement Constructors offers installation of bollards on your site.
Originally used on ships for mooring, they have become ubiquitous in new and existing paved areas for safety, asset protection and traffic direction.

Bollards can vary in material from steel to concrete, and they all typically serve the same purpose. You can see them lined up in front of a build to prevent vehicles from ‘jumping the curb’ or from approaching exterior doors and walls.

In community and retail areas like parks, outdoor shopping centers or entertainment venues, they can help to guide both vehicle and foot traffic.

Industrial and commercial developments use protective bollards to prevent damage of vital equipment like utilities, electronics, machinery or buildings from accidental collisions by personal vehicles, transport trucks, forks lifts or other heavy, movable machinery.

Ask us about including bollards in your new project or adding them your existing property. It’s a fantastic and affordable way to increase safety on your property and protect your valuable assets.

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